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Elementary Focused Sessions

2020 Elementary Focused Sessions 

Office of Public Instruction has worked with MFPE and Planning Committees to find sessions that would interest Elementary teachers.  Beyond these sessions several others that would be of interest to you.  

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NGSS Engineering in Elementary Science: It’s Not Rocket Science presented by John Graves This engaging session will help participants see how to incorporate engineering concepts in elementary science lessons as suggested by NGSS. Examples of engineering lessons will be modeled and experienced by the participants.

Montana Teachers of the Year
Seesaw for Creating & Sharing presented by Traci Piltz  Seesaw is a fantastic platform for creating, reflecting, sharing & communicating in classrooms and during distance learning. In this session, you'll learn how the creative tools in Seesaw can be used to make engaging activities in Seesaw, and how these can be used in both blended & distance learning environments.

Blended Learning in the Elementary Classroom presented by Nikki Vradenburg  It can be challenging to create a blended learning environment where students will thrive. Balancing online platforms for building skills with creative tasks using technology can feel like a juggling act! Learn about techniques for keeping the teacher at the forefront of effective instruction while managing the demands of technology and blended learning in K-3 classrooms.

Scratching the Surface of Coding with Kids (PBS KidsScratch Jr.) presented by Nikki Vradenburg  PBS Kids Scratch Jr. is a free coding app specifically designed for children in grades K-3. During this hands-on session, teachers will WATCH, PLAY, EXPLORE, CREATE & SHARE using a FREE app for tablets and Chromebooks. Coding is a wonderful activity for the classroom or for home learning.

General Sessions

Workstations in Kindergarten: Engaging and Educational  presented by Holly Bjerk  Using workstations in Kindergarten to promote growth in academic development as well as emotional, social, and physical development. Describing ways to purposefully set up workstations, so children are able to work through their emotions and self-regulate through play while achieving high academic achievement.