VIRTUAL ONLY Attendee FAQs and Need to Know

VIRTUAL ONLY Attendee FAQs and Need to Know
Do I need to register for the conference to attend sessions?
Yes, select sessions to attend and earn renewal unit(s) you will need to register.
Can I register during the conference on October 21 & 22?
Yes, you may register during the conference as a virtual only attendee.  We strongly recommend registering prior to October 19th  when late fees begin.
Do I need to select my sessions prior to October 21, 2021?
It is recommended!  Selecting sessions prior to the conference will ensure that your sessions are available for viewing October 21 & 22. 
Can I watch video sessions with others?
 Unfortunately, no!  You will need to have registered, selected, checked into, watched and   responded to the evaluation of each session to receive renewal unit on your own device. 
Will I earn renewal units?
Yes, you will earn renewal unit(s) by registering, selecting session, checking into session, watching complete video, answering evaluation for each session you attend.
When will my renewal certificate be available?
Renewal certificates will be available 10 days after the conference.  You will be able to log into your conference attendee registration to download and print certificate. 
How will I earn renewal units?
    • Register for conference
    • Select sessions- build itinerary.
    • On conference days October 21 & 22 log into attendee registration. Go to itinerary.
    • When the session is due to start click on video button.
    • A check-in will be required during the video.
    • You will be asked for an evaluation at the end of session.


    You are eligible for 1 renewal unit for each 50-minute session you attend.
    Where can I find the evaluation for the session?
    When are evaluations due?
     October 29th
    Can I earn a renewal unit for visiting Virtual Exhibit Hall?
    Not this year.  We can not track which exhibitors you visit.
    Can I download video?
    Can I Share video?
    No videos are not sharable. 
    Can I fast- forward?
    Can I watch video anytime during October 21 – 22?
    Video will only be available during the session time slot.
    When are the videos available to watch?
    Only during the date and time listed in the schedule.
    What happens if I’m late?
    You have 10 minutes after the hour to start the video.
    What happens if I don’t check in?
    You will be asked to check-in to the session during the hour.  If you miss the check -in moment we will be able to check the evaluation completion.  We also can see if you completed the video.
    What happens if I don’t answer the evaluation?
     You need to complete the evaluation to receive your renewal unit for the session.
    What happens if I miss a video I wanted to watch? Can I catch it another time?
    Sorry sessions are only being offered once.  We will not be giving videos out for any reason beyond the time scheduled.
    What happens if I missed a live stream video? Can I watch it later?
    No, the live sessions are not being recording or shared outside of the conference.
    Where are the handouts?
    Next to the video button in your itinerary.
    How much time do I have to start session?
    10 minutes after the hour.
    Can I rewind?
    How do I check into a live stream session?
    Make sure that the session is on your itinerary.  Click on the session view button next to the title.