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Elementary Focused Sessions

2022 Elementary Focused Sessions 

Elementary teachers are you looking for sessions? Sessions highlighted for Elementary teacher are listed below.  Other sessions might be of interest to you in other areas.  

Search the title or the presenter name to place these on your itinerary.

Disrupting the Norm presented by Megan Diede 
Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Art, Music, Social Skills standards all have a continuous rise in rigor and requirements every year. How can educators maximize what little time they have to increase their impact in the classroom? What can be done to bring back the love of learning AND the love of teaching? Integration. This highly interactive session will immerse attendees in the world of innovation to learn how to create classroom experiences that students will remember through multi-subject and multi-level integration. Ideas to implement in the classroom tomorrow will be shared so everyone can start teaching more and planning less.

Independent Work Stations Made Easy presented by Angela Kantorowicz
 Educators will get actionable steps on how to easily set-up and manage independent work stations in their classroom. (k-2) This will include how to teach students to be independent, how to set up rotations charts, best types of work station materials and how to group students.

Teaching Math Facts in the Primary Classroom presented by Gia LaForge
Do you have students who struggle with learning basic addition and subtraction facts? Do they struggle to explain how they solved math problems? Come and learn how to make your instruction more systematic regardless of which program you use!


Strategies to Support the Elementary English Language Learner presented by Gia LaForge
We all love having the diversity of a variety of cultures and languages in our classrooms! But do we know the best strategies to support those learners as they learn English? With just a few simple strategies, you will make learning accessible for our language learners and ALL students!

Taking the Science of Reading Outside presented by Kate Brayko 
Join us as we connect key cognitive reading research findings to engaging, outdoor routines. We will share activities that foster foundational literacy skills (including phonological awareness, decoding, and language development), as well as movement, and connection to place.

Coding with Littles Using PBS Kids Scratch Jr., presented by Traci Piltz
In this session we'll explore the apps Scratch Jr and PBS KIDS Scratch Jr to teach coding and storytelling in early learning classrooms. Participants will receive a basic introduction to computer science and demo of these apps, then time to play, explore and create during the workshop.


STEM Activities for Elementary Students, presented by Amber Yates
In this talk we will explore the alignment of STEM across K-12 standards. Join me for activities that investigate how utilizing a student's background knowledge can be used to promote STEM competencies in elementary students across Montana.

Video: Basic Facts and Horizontal Addition, presented by Sarah Melo
Learn how to teach students the building blocks of addition step-by-step with and without regrouping to advance students in their understanding of mental math addition. With teaching videos, learn how to correct errors like 22 + 49 = 611. This system is differentiated and designed to help students catch up.

Let's Talk Math! Mathematical Discourse in the Elementary Classroom, presented by Sonja Whitford
Participants will explore a variety of types of mathematical discourse that teachers facilitate in the elementary classroom. These include Strategy Shares (including Number Talks), Targeted Discussions, and class discussions that are a part of rich math tasks. Together we will discover the benefits of talking in math class.